Making A Change

Our Mission & Purpose

Donate To Charity

We aim and promise to ensure we donate 10% of all proceeds of all campaigns at a minimum to charities, foundations, youth centres and essential causes in need.

Invest In Our Youth

At the heart of our principles and key drivers is ensuring we allocate funds earned to invest in charities that are fundamental in the development of all young and less fortunate children in need.

Giving Back To The Community

In giving back with charities, foundations and other causes. We also offer the opportunity of self-employment in promoting and selling tickets via a unique code.


We proactively seek-out sponsorship opportunities, where we could be of assistance and in aid of a good cause or a positive directive. We will ensure we support and aid where possible at all times.

The Peoples Company

Our mission is to run and develop a company that offers an additional revenue streams for all adults that want to get involved as well as the chance of winning life changing prizes.

Developing Young Minds

Developing the young minds of our future is key. We will seek to donate in and invest into causes that are contributory to and that are actively investing in development of children, training and education.